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An evaluation of oncofertility decision support resources among breast cancer patients and health care providers.

BACKGROUND: Cancer patients of reproductive age are at risk of infertility as a result of their treatment. Oncofertility decision support resources can assist patients with fertility decision-making before treatment yet available oncofertility resources contain varying levels of detail and...


How the Provincial Breast Health Initiative is improving care for breast cancer patients

Dr. May Lynn Quan speaks with Leap Magazine about Alberta's Breast Health Intiative that aims to implement best practices to improve care for breast cancer patients.Finding a suspicious lump in your breast is disconcerting. Waiting to meet with a health-care provider for the diagnosis and...


Scoping clinicians' perspectives on pre-treatment multidisciplinary care for young women with breast cancer.

BACKGROUND: Young women with breast cancer (YWBC) experience worse medical and psychosocial outcomes than their older counterparts. Early input from a multidisciplinary team via pre-treatment multidisciplinary cancer conferences (pMCCs) may be important for addressing the complex needs of...


Video: Why do we trust the popular thing? | Steven Narod

Dr. Steven Narod gives a presentation on the importance of understanding trends in health care, specifically breast cancer care. Watch the video here.  

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