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Video: Dr. Quan on Breakfast Television

Dr. May Lynn Quan visits Breakfast Television to discuss how cancer treatment is becoming more precise. Watch the video here.Original video posted on Feb. 4, 2019.


Dr. Steven Narod's work acknowledged as top-five most influential of the decade.

A publication from RUBY's own Dr. Steven Narod has been named one of the most influential publications of the decade by British Medical Journal. Dr. Narod's research on mammograms showed that annual exams in women (40 to 59 years) don't reduce breast cancer mortality compared to...


Evaluating a Multidisciplinary Cancer Conference Checklist: Practice Versus Perceptions

BACKGROUND: Presentation to multidisciplinary cancer conferences (MCCs) supports optimal treatment of young women with breast cancer (YWBC). However, research shows barriers to MCC practice, and variation in professional attendance and referral patterns. A checklist may help overcome these...


Clinicians' Perspectives on Barriers to Discussing Infertility and Fertility Preservation With Young Women With Cancer.

IMPORTANCE: Infertility can be a devastating adverse effect of cancer treatment for young women. Fertility preservation may be an important and influential factor in treatment decisions. Despite American Society of Clinical Oncology guidelines recommending discussion around potential...


Effect of a Knowledge-Translation Intervention on Breast Surgeons' Oncofertility Attitudes and Practices.

BACKGROUND: The breast surgeon, generally the first oncology specialist consulted, is ideally suited to offer fertility preservation (FP) referral to young women with breast cancer (YWBC). In the authors' 2015 survey of 84 surgeons participating in the pan-Canadian RUBY study of YWBC...


What Young Women with Breast Cancer Get Versus What They Want in Online Information and Social Media Supports.

Purpose: Young women are high users of social media (SM), but information is lacking on whether online supports including SM meet the needs of young women (<40 years) with breast cancer (YWBC). YWBC are a vulnerable population who experience many psychosocial challenges alongside cancer...


The "Begin Exploring Fertility Options, Risks and Expectations" (BEFORE) decision aid: development and alpha testing of a fertility tool for premenopausal breast cancer patients.

BACKGROUND: Premenopausal breast cancer patients are at risk of treatment-related infertility. Many patients do not receive sufficient fertility information before treatment. As such, our team developed and alpha tested the Begin Exploring Fertility Options, Risks, and Expectations decision...

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