The RUBY Study is recruiting 1,500 young breast cancer patients that have been diagnosed before their 41st birthday. Particpants will be enrolled over four years, during which time our team will collect clinical information (demographics, pathology, treatment in year 1, and outcomes), as well as information about lifestyle, fertility, family history and patient experience. Blood and tumour samples are an additional optional component of this study.

The data and specimens will be made available to researchers across Canada to address knowledge gaps in early-onset breast cancer and to identify optimal treatments for young women that may improve their chances of survival.

RUBY is currently looking at the contribution of genetic mutations in young onset breast cancer, the influence of diet and exercise on cancer outcomes and the impact of your treatments on fertility. We are also interested in your personal experience through the cancer journey, so we can improve support for young women.

Women newly diagnosed with breast cancer will be eligible to participate if they are:
  1. Diagnosed with a new diagnosis of primary breast cancer;
  2. Aged 18 and not yet reached their 41st birthday, and;
  3. Able to provide written informed consent and complete questionnaires in English or French.  
Read our FAQ for more information or contact us.
All participant information will be de-identified to ensure confidentiality.

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